Argumentative Essay On Cats Vs. Dogs With Kids

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Cats V.S. Dogs With Kids

If you want a pet and you have children, then you should get a dog. Cats are not a very good pet to have when you have a child because cats can make your child or children sick, and dogs will play and protects your children when you can't protect them.

Cats can be very harmful to children. When children play with cats they are more likely to be bitten or scratched. Being scratched or licked or bitten by a cat or kitten can give you lymphoreticulosis also known as a bacterial infection. If this happens then you could get blisters that may not heal for a while or have a fever up to 102°F and some of your body parts may become tender or swollen. Out of 10 people 3 are most likely to be allergic to cats in the United States. People are about twice as much likely to be allergic to cats than dogs. One out of seven kids between the ages 3 and 19 are going to be allergic to cats.
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Dogs will protect people in their family, once you have a dog for a while the dog's instincts will make you part of their pack, and a dog's owner is the “pack leader”, they get this from their ancestors which are wolves. Dogs are pack animals and thrive in a social hierarchy. If there are any threats or seems to be a threat then your dog will most likely protect you.

Cats may not seem harmless to you children, but cats can make your children very sick. Cats can give your children diseases and scratches. Dogs will protect you and your children like they are part of a pack. If you want a pet for your children than a dog will be the better
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