Argumentative Essay On Charlie Gordon

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Camryn Dillavou Miss Putman Hour 4 15 November 2016 Argument Essay Charlie Gordon was a man many lives. He lived the majority of his life in a state of mental deficiency, having an IQ of 68. He worked as a janitor for the majority of his life.One day he had the opportunity of a lifetime. Two brave doctors decided to do a lifechanging procedure on Charlie to make him smarter. This completely changed his life. Such a transformative action was challenging more than Charlie, but the worlds morals. Some question the medical ethics, or the ground morals of a population, of this procedure. Charlie Gordon 's doctors did act ethically when they preformed the surgery to make him smarter. Charlie Gordon 's doctors were acting ethically when they preformed the surgery that would ultimately make him smarter because this enhanced knowledge of the field of artificial intelligence. Having a wide range of knowledge in this field is essential to the development of human engineering and medical science. However conflicting with moral ideas, this field of research is mandatory to the expansion of knowledge and ultimate survival of the human race. Charlie may have been sacrificed, but it was for the greater good of the world. The doctors did not know the affects of this procedure would be this severe. They knew Charlie wanted to obtain intelligence, thus making him the ideal candidate for the experiment. "A prediction is based on facts that are relevant to the situation at hand: If you do
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