Argumentative Essay On Checks And Balances

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Separation of Powers has proven to accentuate the Constitution’s intentions and maintain the rights of the people. Fabricated by Baron de Montesquieu, this structure is woven into the government to entail specific responsibilities upon each branch. This system thoroughly defines the boundaries for each unit of government to ensure tyranny remains dormant and that people are inevitably sovereign. Separation of Powers is incessantly purposeful in present day for a myriad amount of reasons. Overall, it supports people’s natural rights regarding the Constitution and terminates tyranny. Incorporating Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances into the government alleviated the Founders of tyrants whom adamantly thought themselves nearly parallel…show more content…
Frequently, events occur that only reinforce the magnitude of Separation of Powers, such as the harassment ensued by the IRS. As documented, “The IRS has allegedly abused its power as a tax agency to intimidate Conservation groups, and possibly even sway election results. The Attorney General’s office has been caught spying on reporters, threatening freedom of the press, etc.” If this sinister behavior persists, people’s morality ebbs away. This abuse offends a multitude of amendments engraved in the Constitution. Checks and Balances are intertwined throughout the government precisely for disruptions like this. It acts as a regulator between any origins of supremacy to guarantee no one overrides an opposing authoritative group. Due to these factors, Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers deserve a lengthy reign, for it bears morality and emphasizes reason behind the U.S. Constitution. Separation of Powers is imperative to the functionality of society, the government, and the Constitution because it’s teeming with crucial principles and liberates the nation of tyrants. Absence of this system of government makes documents, such as the Bill of Rights, ineffectual without Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances to fortify its claims. It’s to the government’s best wishes that it remain in command as long as this nation may
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