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Chemo is the use of drugs to destroy the cancer cells, since cancer cells grow and divide faster the drugs destroys the cancerous cells more rather then the healthy cells. Since the chemo is very powerful it does destroy some of the healthy cells. Even though chemotherapy is very popular it has many negative effects. Chemotherapy drugs can have an effect on your hormones. Many people on chemo continue to enjoy intimate relationships and an active sex lives. Sexual and reproductive issues may occur, chemotherapy can affect your fertility. For women, it 's the ability to get pregnant and carry a pregnancy. For men, fertility is to make a woman pregnant. Being tired or feeling sick from cancer or treatment can also affect your ability to enjoy sex. Women when on chemo may experience hot flashes, irregular periods, or sudden onset of menopause. They could become permanent or they could just be temporary. Women may also experience dryness of vaginal tissues that can make intercourse uncomfortable or painful, the chance of vaginal infections increase. Chemotherapy can harm a fetus. Especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy when the organs are still developing. The drugs given during pregnancy can cause birth defects. For guys chemo can harm sperm or…show more content…
You may feel fearful, stressed, or anxious about your appearance and your health. Mood changes may occur at any time after being diagnosed with cancer. Some people experience depression or anxiety right after diagnosis. Others may have mood changes during treatment. When you undergo cancer treatment, your body may have reactions to the treatment, both physical and mental. Although mental changes may be harder to notice, they are just as significant as any physical changes. Some people may suffer from depression, because of their appearance or of their conditions. Having depression could be very serious and could stress them out.

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