Argumentative Essay On Child Abuse

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Growing up my parents ran a daycare in(at) our house so I was always surrounded by children (the good and the bad). My parents were the type who had no problem enforcing physical punishments such as spanking, the flick of the hand, a pop on the mouth, etc. All these punishments are within the definition of acceptable punishment as stated by Oklahoma law (qtd. ---). They practiced this on me, my siblings, and the daycare kids (with parental consent). In different instances, this would come up in conversations and the reactions were for the majority “that’s awful” or “poor thing” or “I can’t understand how anyone could do such a thing” and I never fully understood why. My mother was raised with an abusive father and a compromising mother (who too was dealing with the abuse), so I have seen how a negative experience can have a positive impact/result (message) on a person/child. I have now grown a curiosity to understand the different limits of child abuse and believe what my parents did benefitted me and any other children who received this discipline. With that in mind, I am going to define, and explore different aspects of child abuse with some modern examples. Some people believe that physical punishments can be degrading and negatively affect the mental health of the child compared to those who think it teaches discipline and how to respect others without any significant damage to the child 's psyche. Oklahoma law states that acceptable punishment is when “Parents/other
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