Persuasive Essay On Child Adoption

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When walking into a room, full of people who are different creates a feeling of “misplaced” or “not belonging”. That same feeling is often felt by those children that are adopted. Adoption is one of the most mortifying things but also something that potentially saves lives. What most people don't know is that roughly 7 million Americans are in fact adopted. Adoption not only has a huge impact on the child and the family itself, but also economics. Adoption should not be based off race, social status, or class. Since adoption is a costly action, many children “outgrow” the system, meaning that they never get adopted. Child adoption has been around for centuries, beginning in 1960. Over the course of four years, approximately 50,000 african american children were adopted by white families. Adoption is the action or fact of adopting or being adopted. Adoption can cause a lot of trauma, anxiety and…show more content…
Things like “ your own parents didn’t even love you”, “no one wants you,” those hit hard and never leave. After hearing someone say something so cruel, for them to even begin to understand a whole story would need to be told. Adopted children try everything they can to forget about what they’ve been through and to find ways to grow from it, but going to school, walking the streets or even just being in public will constantly remind them of all the feelings they try to hide, those memories suddenly flood right back in. Comments as harsh as that can impact the future of those children potentially holding them back from all they are capable of. This is considered a form of bullying, or in some cases harassing. Imagine already having that feeling of not being loved because you are adopted and then having people who surround you constantly remind you that you are not enough. Being offended isn’t the end of the world but when it’s relevant to a very sensitive situation, that is

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