Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned Essay

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Child Beauty Pageants Throughout the U.S., a horrible act is done to little innocent girls of all ages. This act is called child beauty pageants. Girls from all ages are used as a way to earn money, or awards. A lot of the time, the girls don’t even want to be there! Their parents force them to do it. The girls are pressured to feel as if the only important thing in life is to be beautiful on the outside. That is NOT true though. Being beautiful in the inside is much more important. I strongly believe that child beauty pageants should be banned. There are plenty of people that believe that child beauty pageants are ‘fun’ for everyone, but really, they need to recognize what the little girls believe. It is not fun for…show more content…
But I'm happy with myself. I'm not necessarily trying to win a beauty pageant here.” Girls all over the world should be thinking this about themselves. They shouldn’t have to have this feeling in them to be a perfect human. Beauty pageants should be banned. Little girls shouldn’t have to go through these things. Some people might argue that beauty pageants are ‘fun’ for every, but really, do they actually watch those little girls when they are up on the stage? Most of the girls hate being up there on the stage. Being fake is not good. The way you are is perfect. So many girls are forced into being fake, and they get really unhealthy; such as depression, eating disorders, and even sometimes suicide. These girls try to put so much make-up on to look nice, but they look plain disgusting and mistreated. Worst, too much make-up can put dangerous chemicals in your body, and it can even give you cancer sometimes! Are beauty pageants really worth cancer? No. That is why beauty pageants should be banned. They should love the way they are, and appreciate not only beauty on the outside, but mostly beauty in the
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