Argumentative Essay On Child Beauty Pageants

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Child Beauty Pageants Throughout the U.S., a horrible act is done to little innocent girls of all ages. This act is called child beauty pageants. Girls from all ages are used as a way to earn money, or awards. A lot of the time, the girls don’t even want to be there! Their parents force them to do it. The girls are pressured to feel as if the only important thing in life is to be beautiful on the outside. That is NOT true though. Being beautiful in the inside is much more important. I strongly believe that child beauty pageants should be banned. There are plenty of people that believe that child beauty pageants are ‘fun’ for everyone, but really, they need to recognize what the little girls believe. It is not fun for them. When you watch the show, do you notice happy little girls? No. We observe hurt,…show more content…
Being in the contests increase dieting, eating disorders, and it lowers their self-esteem causing them to feel ugly and inaccurate. They try to look super thin to look ‘good,’ but at the same time, they are hurting and mistreating their bodies. Trying to look the most beautiful can cause so much stress and anxiety, they just look worse in the end! Not only can eating disorder affect your physical health, it can affect your emotional health too. For instance, they can inter into depression and even worse take suicide. They do this just because they had the feeling that they shouldn’t eat very much, or because they think that they need to be the most beautiful. So many little girls are experiencing this, so that they can win a gold medal. How horrible is that? In order to win a prize, they might experience depression, or even worse, suicide. These girls should not have to go through these horrible health problems to be popular, so I believe that child beauty pageants should be
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