14 Child Soldiers

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14 Child Amnesty is Deserved In some parts of the world, such as South Sudan, there is a tremendous dispute over the issue of child slavery. The organization that does these harmful acts is the Lord 's Resistance Army. One of the leaders of what is called ¨the LRA¨ is Dominic Ongwen. This man had raped women his whole life, and he loved every second of it. He ordered his soldiers to smash all of the deceased skulls, and beat to death everyone who tried to escape from his wrath. But why, was Dominic just insane? Or were there other factors playing a role in his deranged twisted fantasies? Dominic was a child soldier himself, and had gone through what most child soldiers have. Unnecessary abuse through manipulation,…show more content…
One of the biggest reasons this guilt lies heavy in the hearts of these soldiers is the thought of doing something right. Krista K Thomason, the writer of the article ¨Guilt and Child Soldiers,¨ explains that the child soldiers that were taken into trial, admitted to feeling guilty for the crimes they have committed. In other words,¨They often report feeling guilt for the wrongs they commit.¨ (Thomason para 1). LRA leaders first step was to turn these young boys against themselves by using bitter manipulation, when they needed somebody most. When standing in trial, they then realized that the sick brainwashing techniques that were performed not only cut them in the moment, but left a scar that would last forever. Also in the article “Guilt and Child Soldiers,” Kristen again goes on about how much layers of background these young individuals have to go through. “The feelings of guilt that child soldiers experience seem to indicate that they see themselves…. Responsible for their actions even if other people may not think they are.” (Thomason para 1) Because of this, most of these kids sat reminiscing their faults while guilt ate away every last part of their innocence. Being tricked and wielded to someone else 's satisfaction is just one way that displays why child soldiers deserve…show more content…
Starting from the beginning of their new traumatic lives, they were stolen from their family and friends being forced to be raised by cruel LRA commanders. Adding on, growing up near these commanders led to lots of harsh manipulation being cast on the soldiers. This not only hurt them physically, but mentally also. One instance could show someone being forced to whip their friend because they didn 't wake up on time. Something like this could lead to serious psychological issues in the near future. Meanwhile, the majority of the soldiers committing these gruesome tasks were on high doses of cocaine which is scientifically proven to cause more anger. But as always it is productive to take a step back and look at everyone 's point of view. Not everyone in the LRA deserved amnesty. There were several commanders and leaders who had not good, but sick intentions for these children. And because of this, there is no possible reason for any of them to ever step outside a jail cell. After receiving some of the commanders terrible and unnecessary punishments, some of the child soldiers had no choice but to replicate. This ranged from rape, to even burning others alive. With this information, it would make sense to not obliterate all of the previous evidence and reasoning and remember everything they have gone through. Combining every painful element discussed, this would almost justify an action

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