Argumentative Essay On Child Soldiers

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20 Child Amnesty The issue of child soldiers came to a worldwide attention when the strongest, and most relentless child soldier army the LRA, killed thousands of people. These child soldiers and this army, performed actions that many people cannot easily just forgive and forget. From rape on young innocent women, to cruel and unusual punishment, the possibility of freedom for these young children was slim. What the main leaders of the LRA did to the accused was inescapable. However, many are not informed that behind all of the inhumane actions, are clear reasons of why this all occurred which also proves how these innocent minors deserve amnesty. The young soldiers were manipulated to do as told, they were drugged for which blinded them to see what they were doing, and last of all they were forced into all of the barbarous actions that they performed. Manipulation is able to be taken to levels where the person is no longer under the right mindset, the combatants that were in the armies were those that were manipulated to a stage where they began to kill and it became a lifestyle. According to Patrick Radden Keefe, a writer from the New Yorker, the minors were given the instinctive to learn what their masters show them. To demonstrate, “the recruits were told to take an AR-15, run into a house, and murder the contra inside. So Cardona did. You see and do.” (Keefe Para 13). Granted, that they were taken at such a young age, they were not
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