Argumentative Essay On Child Soldiers Victims

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Being a kid is the best experience there is. Unfortunately there are more than 1,000 kids that get to miss being a kid and skip to acting more like an adult. Child soldiers are a huge problem around the world. They are fighting in wars, cooking and even cleaning around the houses that they live in during training. The thing is are they victims or are they criminals? Many people think they are victims because they are in war fighting and killing people. Whereas I think child soldiers are victims because most of them are forced and bribed to be a child soldier. The question is what do you think they are? Even though the kids ages eight and eighteen are training, fighting, and carry very powerful guns that could cause destruction. The kids are victims. These kids are victims because most of them are being forced to do this. People state that child soldiers are criminals because they’re not getting prosecuted for all the actions that they are doing. But what people don’t know is why the kids keep doing all this crime in wars. According to the article “The Challenges of the African Criminal Court in Prosecuting Child Soldiers” It states that the children don’t know what they are doing wrong because they aren’t getting…show more content…
This clearly shows that child soldiers are victims because they don’t have a choice to be a child soldier and kill people. Since they are trying to not disobey the leader so nothing bad will happen to them. I personally think that adults taking children out of their own house, taking them away from their own family members already makes them a victim. But when they are training and listening to their leader to make sure they are safe makes them an even more victim than they already
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