Argumentative Essay On Children In War

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First and foremost, I would like to tell you a little bit of what my grandfather told me on his experience in the battlefield. He said it was a terrifying ordeal, and all you could see was people getting murdered, children, adults, babies it didn’t matter. He suffered from PTSD and night terrors because of what he had experienced in war. Sometimes he tells me “I can close my eyes and still see all the people screaming, men with limbs blown off of them, and innocent people getting shot right in front of me,” because of the stories he tells me I always never wanted to step foot into any war. Presumably, it would be a terrifying experience. Therefore, I completely disagree with children in war because it is very dangerous (mentally and physically), and they also live in poor conditions. However, there is two sides to every argument, my counter argument is that I agree with children being put into war.

My first piece of evidence that I have to support the argument that children should not go to war because it’s dangerous is from, “Armed & Underage” By Jeffrey Gettleman when Gettleman states, “. And it isn 't just boys: Girls are often pressed into duty as cooks or messengers. Many are subjected to sexual abuse, including rape.” this is when they were talking about what type of damage the war can cause to kids. As a result of this evidence I can say that , kids should not be in war especially girls because of the sexual assault that goes on in the military and Ultimately, it
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