Argumentative Essay On Children Tried As Adults

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If an adult or elderly must use a diaper because of a condition that they have then it does not consider them a child therefore, a child that commits a violent crime does not consider them an adult. When children realize the violent crimes that have been committed by them it makes the adolescent feel guilty and horrid for what has been done. In some cases, the adolescents are curious and sometimes do not know what wrong has been committed. There should be a punishment for the violent act, but having the child tried as an adult is not the solution; that is why juvenile facilities exist around the world. Children that are tried as an adult and receive a guilty sentence will put the adolescent at risk, the child will not have a punishment limit, and the hopes of the child will be corrupted. The adolescents still have a whole life to go through and having the child tried as an adult will be a risk. Most people think that if a child is roomed with an adult then everything will be fine because the adult will protect the child; what the people do not know is what the criminals can do. In Parsell personal experience, he stated “I [also] had been raped in prison at 17…On my first day, I was drugged, gang raped, and turned into sexual chattel” (The New York Times) and what sexual chattel signifies is turning an innocent person into an…show more content…
Committing a crime that is heartless should be punished, but in this case children should be punished in an appropriate way. The children throughout are clueless in what is being done and it won’t help if life is locked away forever. Having a child in room with adults, who may do inappropriate actions, will traumatize the adolescent’s life. Just because curiosity killed a cat does not mean the child’s curiosity should lead them into being tried as an adult and destroying their
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