Argumentative Essay On Chilean Education

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Through the ages, education has been an issue in Chile. Even though, it has improved in quality and many Chileans have access to it, there is a huge gap that needs to be filled, and problems related to motivation among both teachers and students. When I was 5 years old, I remember being excited to learn how to read and write at school. There were many things to know and I wanted to learn them all. Motivation embraced me through my former years and it is present today. Nevertheless, I have seen how many classmates were left behind and let down by the system. When I felt I had found my true vocation, I talked to my parents about it, but they did not support me and said they would not pay for a course that in a future would make me unhappy. I…show more content…
Many studies have shown that that is an important factor in the learning process, so if they do not feel engaged, not much will be meaningful for them. In most cases, boring and monotonous lessons are the main reason. Tired and unhappy teachers have caused a negative impact on this new generation. It is not acceptable that a child suffers every time he has to go to school. That is why I want to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship and go for the learning and teaching program. Going abroad to an English speaking country, like the U.S., will improve my use of the language, and will be a truly meaningful experience. Also, attending lessons related to the education field would give me more tools to teach effectively and new techniques from more advanced programs. All that applied to my methodology could have a positive impact on my current and future students. I regard my profession as a vocation, not just a job. What my language teacher once said was right. It is hard work and time-consuming, and unfortunately, not well-paid everywhere, but I want to do something about it and improve everyday as a person and a teacher. Therefore, I know that if I manage to study and research, finding better methods, I will be able to make the

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