Argumentative Essay On Chimpanzees

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Brett Karabey

Ms. Reichmuth

Language Arts 6-7

20 October 2015

Chimpanzee Essay

Imagine you were an Alpha female Chimpanzee, she has lost her husband and kids to poachers. Her hypothetical story is going to become a common story if steps to protect Chimpanzees are not taken. Chimpanzees are a primate and are smart. Chimpanzee numbers are dwindling fast if we do not do anything they might become extinct. Websites like estimate that they are “no more than 150,000 Chimpanzees left in the world” We can do something to protect Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are a close endangered relative and must be saved.

Some basic information about Chimpanzees will follow. Chimpanzees are a very close relative, humans share about 98% of our genes. Chimpanzees are also the smartest primate and are widely considered as the smartest animal. A rankings website,, rates Chimpanzees as, “the most intelligent animal on Earth” During a documentary I watched, ”The Chimpanzee Project” Chimpanzees were able to learn how to use a touch screen and use it to select certain videos in under a year. In the same documentary they were filmed adapting and using tools to get their food. According to,” Chimpanzees are one of ten animals that can make tools”
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After learning about how smart our relatives are they can't just go away. They are dying from horrific diseases and viruses they have no protection against. On the brighter side, steps can be taken to help save the chimpanzee. Sadly if we don't save Chimpanzees by the time the next generation are teens we will be seeing movies about the extinct Chimpanzee. A recent estimation on the website estimates that,” In the absence of swift action, our closest animal relatives could become extinct within 15 years.” They will be like the movie Ice Age, lots of extinct animals that everyone thinks are cute! Please don't let that
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