Argumentative Essay On Chlorinated Water

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As parents, you need to be aware of the very serious health risks of using tap water to make baby formula, or as drinking water, or even for bathing your child. We all know our water supplies have been contaminated for years, but the governmental regulating bodies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration have, in the past, consistently declared that low levels of these contaminants pose little threat to us. In this article we will look at what the experts are now saying about this and how you can protect your family from danger. Past government statements concerning the health risks of contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, toxic chemicals, etc. were based on their effects on adults,…show more content…
"We are quite convinced, based on this study, there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water." Medical College of Wisconsin, Senior Research Team Along with that quote, we have, from The American Journal of Public Health, "Up to two-thirds of the harmful effects of chlorine are due to inhalation and skin absorption while showering." 2. "Cancer risk among people using chlorinated water is as much as 93 percent higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine." U.S. Council of Environmental Quality 3. "One common factor among women with breast cancer is that they all have 50-60 percent higher levels of these chlorination byproducts (THMs) in their fat tissue than women without breast cancer..." You may want to read items one through three again in light of the EPA's more recent review of 23 peer-review studies of cancer incidence from the past 50 years. They determined infants up to age two are, on average, ten times more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals than adults. They also stated that for some cancer-causing agents children are up to 65 times more vulnerable! 4. The EPA now estimates that lead in drinking water contributes to 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children and 560,000 cases of hypertension in adults each year in the U.S.

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