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Christ-like love is one of the most down-to-earth concepts I know of. The apostle Paul brings it right down to the dust on our feet in his extremely practical description in chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians.
When you apply his words to marriage, not only do you see where the rubber meets the road, but you can smell it burning. In married couples, one must consider every flaws and imperfection of his or her partner. Remember, love from a girlfriend or boyfriend is different from marriage love. Many married couples are separated for some common reasons. But the question is do they really know the true meaning of love? If they cannot save their marriage, then why did they get themselves involve in such a great commitment in life? In our society today,
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Anger is not always wrong, but love doesn’t lose control. Once when I was very angry with one of my sons, friends, or with my partner, letting cutting words fling from my mouth, a small voice was saying inside of me: “Hey, you’re not loving.” The voice was right. What we have to do is to apologize, and keep the aura of love lives on.

Love keeps no record of wrongs

Keeping score and getting even is destructive. Peter says that “love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8). If you keep harboring ill feelings and ruminating on them, you’ll produce enough emotional gas to make you suddenly explode like a broken furnace.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth

Someone has said that you can tell when the honeymoon is over. “You are absolutely perfect” is exchanged for “The problem with you is. . .” Faultfinding is a damaging activity that love avoids.

Love bears all things

Forbearance not perfection, is the major ingredient of marriage just as forgiveness and not obedience is the major factor in god’s relationship with us. We put with each other as God put up with us. The woman had the right idea when she said: “Jack won’t pick up his underwear socks, but he is such a great husband in so many other ways, I’ll put up with the
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Married couple often misguided by the opinions of other people regarding on marriage topics. Most of the time when a problem arises in a couple, one of them consults their friends, seeking advices on what to do. Instead of fixing it together, they seek advices that they didn’t know if it is right or wrong. So here are some truth and some opinions about marriage.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment
Before engaging in marriage, one must know that it is not just a happy-go-lucky kind of relationship. Couple should prepare for their needs; food, shelter, and clothing in particular. In fact, they’re building a new family and they have to prepare for its future. When problem arises, each couple should agree to fix any kind of difficulty in order for them to have a harmonious relationship.

Love is the strongest foundation of marriage
Before engaging in marriage, be sure that you are emotionally prepared. Having second thoughts about it may ruin your life as well as your opportunities. Love has a big role in any kind of relationship, even in our daily activities.

Marriage is not for you

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