Argumentative Essay On Christianity And Social Media

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Today, social media is rampant with gossip, bullying, pessimism and complaining. The basic structure of social media promotes virtual fellowship centered on a false sense of connectedness, the use of careless words, and a large amount of self-centeredness and self-promotion. As a result of this reality, people engaged with social media experience low self-esteem, anger, and disunity. As Christians we look at this reality, and realize that within social media exists a platform where sin can run rampant. However, we also see a platform that if used in the correct ways, could actually build community and promote kingdom works all while glorifying God. A new startup, Dreamspace, is tackling the issues and negative persona surrounding social media head on. Dreamspace is trying to create a social media platform that is both positive and uplifting. It does this by creating a platform where people can come together to share dreams and support each other accomplish these dreams. The impact of this new venture could have a significant impact on Christians and the spreading of the Christian faith. Before looking at the benefits that Dreamspace could provide to the Christian faith, we will first examine the current nature of social media from a Biblical perspective. Social media creates a medium for self-promotion, the use…show more content…
Social media has turned into a place of hate, disunity, and self-promotion. What if a new social media platform was created to address the specific problems outlined above? What if this new medium was used to actually foster community, be a place of affirmation and uplifting comments, and a place where people (specifically Christians) could connect with each other and encourage each other to live out their faiths? Dreamspace is the answer to these
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