Informative Essay: Cia Torture And Human Rights

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Cia torture Imagine helping your country out of debt, or helping innocent people and save them from years and years of trauma. The history of torture goes all the back to before Christ was born, and yet people still use it to this day like the United States, China, North Korea, and Mexico. From country to country people torture other humans for information and services. The definition is the same worldwide which means to inflict severe pain on another human to force them to say something or provide a service. The topic is so controversial because every human has the same rights as other humans and no human should be put through terrifying torture experiences.Torture does work sometimes, but most of the time it only angers the other person. Which gives them false…show more content…
Quartz media have found evidence that, The united states spend 380 million dollars a year just for CIA torture and that just covers the basics of the black site (“what us”)! With education Oklahoma 's education system is terrible we have had schools close down due to lack of funding. Imagine if you gave each state another 5 million dollars for education, we can have everything we need. Furthermore in the future with all the money we put in we can pay off the national debt.The average CIA torturer makes 2000 dollars a day (“what us”). This money comes out of the United States taxpayers, in other words, it comes out of your pocket.These people make money for inflicting pain on people and breaking their spirits. Instead of them making friendships with the enemy, which can help in the long term.The United States spent 300 million dollars for nonpersonal and to build one of the black sites and it cost nearly just 200000 dollars just to set it up. This is unneeded, we do not need to spend 300 million dollars to set this up this money can go elsewhere and help with military, education, charities, and to get out of our national
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