Argumentative Essay On Civil Rights

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Americans, when they think of Civil Rights probably think of the Civil Rights Movement. During the civil rights era African Americans fought to be treated as equals by fighting segregated schools, for their voting rights, and for their basic right that every American has today. To say that education is our civil rights movement of today is inaccurate. Antonio Alvarez’s narrative “Out Of My Hands” focuses on a financially struggling family, but proving that they can succeed. David L. Kirp’s article “The Secret to Fixing Bad Schools” reinforces the idea that even though a community might be poor, that doesn’t have to reflect the quality of education students receive. Horace Mann, known as the godfather of American public education, expresses that the power of education can provide growth and opportunities. With that in mind characterizing our current education as the “civil rights issue of today” should be investigated. After analyzing several articles, one can realize that a socioeconomic status does not dictate one’s education. Horace Mann’s idea that free public education will be a “great equalizer”. Mann saw children forced into working in the factories so they can earn enough money to help their family. Mann states “universal education can counter work this tendency” Horace Mann’s idea of this free education for all will create opportunities for anyone of any socioeconomic class to rise up leading to a population of literate people which will “increase the intellectual
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