Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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Global climate change (also known as global warming) has been receiving more andmore traction in the news in the past few decades. This topic, seen as a politically controversialtopic, is known as a serious fact that must be dealt with among engineers. Global climate changeis the altering of climates around the world, especially in a dramatic manner. This change takeson the form of temperature altering, which in turn affects temperature dependent processes likethe water cycle. If the proper actions are not taken, climate change could engulf the world incatastrophic weather. From a devastating hurricane season in 2017, to “the five warmest years inthe global record [having] all come in the 2010s” (Climate Central, 2018), it is clear to see thatthe threat of climate change is here and gaining in strength.Global climate change is not a “new” problem as its effects have been experienced wellthroughout the 20th into the 21st centuries. Many scientist have concluded that the main culpritsof this global change are greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is apowerful greenhouse gas as it aids to prevent heat in the atmosphere from escaping and can staywithin the atmosphere for hundreds of years. Rapidly increasing, the rise in carbon levels in theatmosphere can be contributed to human dependence on fossil fuels. Back in 2016, “for thesecond year in a row, carbon dioxide concentrations as measured at Mauna Loa Observatory roseat a record-fast clip, according to

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