Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the most controversial public policy issues facing the world currently. While there is nearly no argument challenging the certainty of the ongoing global warming, what is fundamentally being questioned is whether climate change is anthropogenic or simply a natural, recurring phenomenon upon which human events do not cast a major impact. Science of Climate Change An evaluation of the differing views on the obtaining global warming takes off from the fundamentals of the new science of climate change. This field shelters several disciplines including chemistry, meteorology, physics, biology, oceanography, biology, and even sociology (Global Climate Change). The foundation of climate change science can be traced to Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist who determined in his 1896 study that fluctuations in of carbon dioxide or CO2 could yield effects on the climate. Later, in 1938, Guy Stewart. Callendar, an English engineer, proclaimed that the increased CO2 levels had given rise to a warming trend (Scheider). Greenhouse Effect Because of the transparency of the atmospheric gasses to observable light, sunbeams can mostly enter the earth’s atmosphere and reach the surface, where it is absorbed and subsequently reemitted in the form of infrared radiation. In this form, this energy is not able to wholly escape to space since clouds and certain other naturally-occurring elements and gases absorb infrared radiation. The trapped infrared energy is emitted once

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