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Cloning is a beneficial part of society, as it can serve as a substitute for natural reproduction, has benefits that overcome the bad, and contribute to medical research. Federal money needs to be opened up to facilities to spend on cloning and restrictions on cloning need to be loosened or lifted. Cloning is often overlooked, and if it isn’t, if often unheard of completely. When the money is opened or restrictions are lifted, cloning will be able to reach, help, and save more and more lives. Cloning can serve as a natural reproduction because it can produce a genetically related child. Cloning is also worth the price, and, like all technologies, will continue to grow it’s efficiency rates as it goes on. Cloning is also an extremely valuable part of medical research because it can help find cures for currently incurable genetic diseases. Cloning restrictions should be loosened or lifted because it can serve as a substitute for natural reproduction. It can produce a genetically related child without the pain and hassle of surgeries and treatments that go along with infertility. CBS News shared the story of Anne and Bob, a disappointed…show more content…
No technology is perfect for the first few attempts. Like all other technologies, cloning will continue to grow and will become efficient enough to perform on humans without hesitation. On the New York Post’s “I spent more than $100,000 to clone my dog” article, Dr. Phillip Dupont shares the story of why he cloned his beloved furry friend. When he was turning 70, he began to fear that he would outlive his dog. He didn’t know how he could possibly survive his senior years without him, so he paid more than $100,000 to clone his dog, Melvin. Melvin was successfully cloned into two puppies, both with the same bark, to ensure that Dupont will not be lonely during his senior

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