Coal Mining Research Paper

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Coal mining is not a profession that you vision about or get a degree for. The individuals who are coal miners do not selected a life full of danger and suppression, they get trapped with it. There are many threats that come along with coal mining, not simply for the workers, but for the environment. Coal mining and the coal industry have triggered permanent damage to environment.
Coal is referred to as fossil fuel that traces back to early times. Coal is a made from the remainders of vegetation life that developed over 400 million years ago. Coal is a very rich natural resource for the United States. In the early 2000’s in the United States alone it was projected to use 1,063.5 million short tons. Coal has a significant role in
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Surface mining has several benefits compared to underground mining. Surface mining is done by removing the topsoil with machinery and the coal is then removed from the open coal seam. Surface mining has several benefits compared to underground mining, coal retrieval is high 85% to 90%, contrast to 40% to 70% in underground mines. Yet, it is a highly destructive form of surface mining is destructive to an entire region, the coalfield areas of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, for one reason only: profit. The second method is more predictable, underground mining which consist of longwall, as well as room and pillar mining. The difference from surface is that this process of extraction is used for the minerals and ores that are buried too far underground. The Victaulic can provide efficient extraction techniques leading to cost efficient, increases safety and decreasing the need of future fittings. However, the different techniques are used depend on environmental and economic…show more content…
According to NACCO Industries Inc Profile, NACCO Industries was merged on 2/18/1986. The main companies business includes mining. NACCO works though the NACOAL segment. The North American Coal Corporation (NACoal) is the junior company under NACCO. The Company's NACoal main point of business is the coal used in power generation and offer mining services for other natural resources companies. The Coal for NACoal is surface mined from their mines in North Dakota, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.

As stated in NACCO Industries Inc Profile NACoal's operating coal mining affiliates include Bisti Fuels Company, LLC (Bisti), Caddo Creek Resources Company, LLC (Caddo Creek), Camino Real Fuels, LLC (Camino Real), The Coteau Properties Company (Coteau), Coyote Creek Mining Company, LLC (Coyote Creek), Demery Resources Company, LLC (Demery), The Falkirk Mining Company (Falkirk), Liberty Fuels Company, LLC (Liberty), Mississippi Lignite Mining Company (MLMC) and The Sabine Mining Company (Sabine). Coteau, Coyote, Falkirk, Liberty, MLMC and Sabine supply lignite coal for power generation.
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