Argumentative Essay On Coffee Vs Tea

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The Ultimate Battle Of Health Benefits- Coffee vs Tea Individuals acknowledge and appreciate the impact of Coffee and Tea in our daily lifestyle. In general, coffee and tea are known to raise alertness, boosting our vitality and become a key to social interaction. Not only do Coffee and Tea taste enjoyable, but it has remarkable benefits for our own wellbeing. Conflict is often unavoidable between coffee and tea followers when it comes to determining which one offers a better impact on health. Despite of coffee’s benefits, experts argue that tea is much a preferable choice when it comes to diet and an overall impact on the health of our mind and body. (Berscheid, 2017) Both coffee and tea are stimulants that are known to increase our mental cognitive abilities. Similarly, coffee and tea contain caffeine which enhances our alertness, ability to focus and response. The calming effects of tea promotes mental clarity, reduces stress and clears the mind. (10 Benefits Of Tea Over Coffee, 2017)…show more content…
Tea wins over in providing more health benefits and an overall result and impact on the body, diet, and mind in spite of the positive attributes that coffee also offered. Individuals that want to prevent diseases, prevent cancer, improve mental clarity, gain a better cognitive function, weight loss, and diet should consider on consuming more tea than coffee in their routine to maximize its benefits. However, individuals should take note that when coffee and tea are taken more than the suggested daily amount, they might have an adverse impact on health. With regular consumption of tea and coffee in limitations, individuals can find the balance between a good lifestyle and general well

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