Working Collaborative Vs Face-To-Face Communication

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To make the company become successful, all of the employees have to work collaboratively in order to achieve the goals that the company has set. Working in team or work collaborative can help us achieve far more than working as individuals. Sometimes, working with other people can be very annoying because they can misunderstand us, they are ignored our advice, they do not do what we need them to do and etc. It is like Jean-Paul Sarte wrote that “Hell is other people.” Work Collaborative, also known as joint or partnership working, is a variety of ways that many organizations can work together. Most biologists regard cooperation as a cornerstone of our evolutionary development because it allows for the development of more complex structures…show more content…
When people work with team member, sometimes they could face obstruct to achieve goal. In recent business, most of business must to communication to getting best work at same point. The main communications are using e-mail to interaction because it is fast and easy to communication. Instead, using e-mail has trouble because they could make misunderstanding about information. Whereas face-to-face communication is a one option to communicate. But this communication can harm relationship because people can know feeling of speaker and members. After members have misunderstanding, the following thing is conflict. Conflict is major problem that making business fall. Team members always has different ideas such as work experience, self-interest. According to Thomas, “you may want to remind yourself about other people’s needs”. They must share ideas with other, open-mind to receive other ideas, and choose best ideas to get the best out of the meeting. Working in group, team members are always face different person. For real work, people can bias to listen only individual self. Hence, people has different high potential skill would not listen your ideas. For example, the new team member has a less power to share in the group because the old group always decide work by themselves. When they have a meeting, group thinking is big obstruct of collaboratively. Since they start meeting, the different ideas would occur that…show more content…
When they meeting, clear communication can make the meeting smoothly because people could not face the misunderstanding information and bad emotion during working. They can use face-to-face communication to decrease the rates of misunderstanding and team members could have the same assumption ideas. Moreover, leader is important role of work collaboratively because leader could drive the team member to getting job done faster and they always listen every team member ideas to receive best information. Furthermore, external advisor could help because some people did not know their skill or their potential. Advisor could drive your real potential out of mind. It help people to work with real skill and potential. There are many element of having better meeting; environment, number of people and etc. they might find the good place to make amazing meeting because environment is one factor of work. Another things, if number of people are more, they have obstruct to find the best ways. Team member shall work in omitting

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