Argumentative Essay On Colorism

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Colorism is a way to discriminate against others who have a darker skin tone among people who are in the same race or ethical group. Colorism has been around for countless years and has affected numerous people by forcing them to change themselves just to be able to fit in with the rest of society’s standards. Colorism and racism are different from each other because racism involves two people that come from different background races but have identical skin colors. Meanwhile colorism involves two people of the same race but with different skin colors. Colorism has been making people feel ashamed about their skin color and people buying skin care products to make their skin look lighter and not that many people know how it affects a person…show more content…
“The evidence suggests that black cover girls don’t sell as well as white cover girls, people of color are routinely not selected for the covers of many broad-circulation magazines ‘for fear they will depress newsstand sales.” (Phoenix 99). The solution to stop this would be if people stopped buying and paying attention to what is being put out on the media then companies who are selling these products can shut down and have less people with being insecure with their own skin. "The desire to be lighter is so great that some people with dark skin knowingly use illegal creams that contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, mercury, and corticosteroids because they are believed to be stronger and thus more effective” (Phoenix 100). In 2009 there was a report of a skin bleaching which made $10 billion by the year of 2020 the company will now reach to $23 billion. Not only is skin bleaching popular but there are even famous artists who supports it and the people who uses those types of skin products will leave there skin damaged and can get skin cancer, uneven skin color, acne, and redness from the areas of the skin that was applied
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