Argumentative Essay On Cosmetic Surgery

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Want to be plastic? Think twice…
(Cosmetic Surgery)

Cosmetic surgery is when a person enhances his/her appearance through surgical techniques. Some procedures are required in order to improve the person’s health, other procedures just make people look the way they want. Cosmetic surgery procedures are increasing rapidly because of the media’s perception of the “perfect face” or “perfect body”. This is affecting the ideology of both adults and children in negative ways. Cosmetic surgery has it’s benefits that may save a person from depression and making him/her have more self-esteem, but it can also lead to patient’s death.

Although Cosmetic Surgery is risky it has it benefits. These are examples of the benefits of cosmetic surgery. Improved Physical Appearance, When a person gets a satisfying nose job, they physically look better and prettier, or when they get a tummy tuck they look thinner and their body looks neater. When a person is finally pleased with their appearance they don 't feel insecure anymore, Cosmetic surgery makes patients confidant in their own skin. A patient of Dr.Rowe-Jones claimed that she feels more confident after getting her rhinoplasty (nose job), when she shared “I am a teenage girl that underwent rhinoplasty surgery at The Nose Clinic. Before surgery I was very conscious of my nose having been bullied at school. I hated eating out in restaurants and would not have my photograph taken if I could possibly avoid it.”. “The scar is very low and I

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