Argumentative Essay On Creationism In School

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Creationism, the theory claiming that God created us has long been the a cause of dispute between people. Given that this is such a controversial topic, people argue that this should no longer be taught in schools but when has ignorance ever benefited us in any way? This dispute will no doubt continue until the end of time. If children are ignorant of this they will grow up surrounded by a society where they feel left out. Hence, out of fear of being excluded they will pretend to have knowledge on the topic which has in many ways shaped our lives. Only their facts will be false and their arguments irrational and this will consequently bring more chaos to an already chaotic scene. Therefore to moderate this we need to teach children about creationism…show more content…
This argument is weak because religion and the state have never been completely separated. Simply take a look at politics. The crises in Iraq, Egypt, and Lebanon are all based on religious ideas. Many US politicians base their politics on religion. For instance Donald Trump, a current leading U.S. presidential candidate is most popular for his religious ideas. A well-known example would be the increased supervision on Muslims and the imposing of restrictions on Muslims wanting to go to the U.S.. The education of children has to teach creationism since it is the root of religion and most of history and today's interactions involve religious ideas. Graham (2012) explains how “religion, whether as an agent of stability or instability, of progress or retrogression, of peace or conflict, or simply of diverse kinds of change everywhere in the world, will long continue to be a critical factor in individual, social, and political life around the world, and we need to understand it” (para. 4). Of course people will retort by asking what about every other religion's creation theory. It is practically impossible to cover all religions because they are too many but as creationism is known most people and is believed by a multitude of religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Druze, and Rastafari. Therefore due to its prevalence creationism is the best
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