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No, it is not. A lancing device is used to make the punctures and are done so quickly that you may not even realise that the pricking is being done on your skin. 8.2 Is wet cupping safe? Yes, it is. Disposable lancets are used and new lancet is used for every patient. All equipment are sterilised using UV Steriliser for 5 minutes before the cupping procedure. 8.3 When is the best and beneficial time to do cupping? The best and beneficial time to do cupping is 17th, 19th and 21st of the lunar month. Cupping should also be done when one is on empty stomach for at least three hours. Anas bin Malik said: "The Prophet (ﷺ) used the treatment of cupping on both sides of his neck and between both shoulders, and generally took this treatment…show more content…
In the Arab world, glass cups or bowls are used for cupping while in China and also in Malaysia, buffalo horns are used. It is interesting that in the 18th century, Europeans used leeches for cupping! In fact, 40 million leeched were imported by France for the said purpose. The leeches were first left starve before they were placed on the human body. The leeches would suck the blood until they fall off, indicating they were full. Discovery Channel showed an American modern and posh hospital using leeches as a treatment on a patient who had recently undergone surgery. The method was said to be effective. 8.13 Is using lancet devices not in accordance with Sunnah? Cupping (wet) is the application of negative suction on the body combined with a technique that breaks the surface of the skin with the intent to encourage bleeding. The skin can be broken using any sharp instrument such as a lancet, a blade or even a razor. The basic principle of cupping is removing toxic or septic blood from the body. Both the lancet device and blade achieve the same

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