Argumentative Essay: The Common Practice Of Cutting Weight

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Three collegiate level wrestlers by the name of Jeff Reese, Billy Saylor, and Joe La Rosa were announced dead all within a span of 35 days. The cause of death all leading to the same thing—cutting weight. Cutting weight can be explained as fast weight loss prior to a sports event. Cutting weight can be accomplished using healthier alternatives other than starving themselves. A few turn to laxatives, water pills, and even a finger down the throat to rid of any excess bodily fluids. Wrestlers believe that the lower the weight class the easier the competition will be, however in reality it is equal. High Schools as well as colleges are under fire from parents and others regarding cutting weight. The common practice of “cutting weight” is detrimental to wrestlers’ health and performance and wrestling associations …show more content…

According to the article, Weighing in: Wrestling Grapples with its ‘secret’, “...It can lead to poor health in the short term, and may affect growth and development long term.” This declares that kids could develop a possible health problem and growth development which could require surgeries to fix. In addition, “Some wrestlers chew gum to curb their appetites, then spit out the saliva in attempt to keep their weight down” (Dobie, Michael) meaning that kids are developing unhealthy dieting habits resulting in severe side effects. Though, it is no surprise that kids are developing these habits considering the fact that the pressure of athletic performance can put strain on majority of kids. One might think that pressure/strain is nonexistent for athletically inclined kids, however, “(Gary Phillips) saw fellow wrestlers taking Ex-Lax and water pills to lose weight”(Craig, Custance). Since kids can not lose weight fast using a healthy way, they turn to horrible alternatives. These methods can cause many health problems and may lead to an overdose of weight

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