Argumentative Essay On D-3

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Donald W. Douglas once said to the press “Dream no small dream, it lacks magic. Dream large. Then make the dream real” (BrainyQuote). In peace and at war, the DC-3 had been used. But even in a better way than any other airplane in history. Maybe being the most famous civilian and war hero of the 20th century and still being used beyond its time after being almost 100 years old. “It has been during America’s three most recent major wars- World War II, Korea, and Vietnam” (HistoryNet 2). Not only used in war but in many other things. “It has been used as a military command post, glider, bomber, fighter, spray ship, flying laundry, post office, wire layer, flying hospital, photo reconnaissance, electronic countermeasure plane, Air Sea Rescue,…show more content…
In the making of the DC-3, the workers would use wings made out of wood to try make it cheaper but it failed. By knowing their mistake, one of the DC-3 was on a commercial flight when the wing just broke apart from the airplane structure. “The tragic crash of the DC-3 carrying Knute Rockne, Notre Dame’s famous football coach, was due to deteriorated wood in the wing structure…” (HistoryNet 3). When the Douglas Aircraft Company got the message, all the workers started using a new material. “...making all airplanes start using wing structures made out of aluminum” (HistoryNet 8). Sometimes by having a big mistake, people can learn from those mistakes and not doing them again. These made airplanes more secure while flying with the aluminum material not only for the wing but for the whole plane. During the Yugoslavia war that was going on, the DC-3 flew for the Partisans. “...was used as a bomber during his time there” (HistoryNet 8). Being one of the most important plane during that war, it was later credited for leading them with victory during the war in…show more content…
“DC-3 airliner, indubitably the world’s most famous airplane for soldiers and civilians” (HistoryNet 1). During the 1940s, the mass majority of airlines had DC-3 for their customers. One of those airlines was American Airlines. Today, after almost 100 years, at least 400 DC-3s are still flying, all around the globe. Mainly on cargo flights for international incorporations. “Its life span might be unlimited as long there is sheet metal”(HistoryNet 12). The DC-3 just helped a lot the United States when they entered World War 2. “ captured America’s imagination” (Smithsonian). It was the most successful plane to be easily adapted to war without wasting thousands of dollars to make it. Military veteran pilot says, “It would be a shame losing the DC-3, the plane is about as near humans will get to growing wings” (CNN
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