Argumentative Essay On Dahmer's Suicide

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The boy was normal till the age of six, then he had a surgery to correct a double hernia. Following his surgery was the birth of his younger brother, when he was born Jeffery lost self confidence. Around this time his dad was offered a job in Ohio. By his teens he was disengaged and largely friendless. Dahmer's has states that the compulsions toward necrophilia and murder at the age of fourteen, but it seems that it was the divorce of his parents. Just after high school Jeffery picked up a hitchhiker named Steven hicks. He brought him to his house where he gave him a lot of alcohol. When Steven tried to leave, Jeffery hit him in the head with a barbell. After he was dead he dismembered him and packed the body parts in plastic bags. Where he burned the body parts. He met his next victim nine years later. In 1987 Dahmer took his second victims life. They met at a gay bar. They went to a hotel and drank heavily. In the morning Jeffery "woke up to him dead". He took the body and stuffed him in and dismembered him…show more content…
Jeffery's luck had finally ran out. He was put in court where he admitted that he killed them. But he pleaded not guilty. When he saw that they where not buying it. He pleaded insanity, but they saw that he knew of wrong doing and they convicted him 15 costive life sentences. Jeffery adjusted to prison life easily, but he wasn’t aloud to be with other prisoners. He later convicted the officer to let him join the other prisoners. He got a job with two other prisoners. They're names where Jesse Anderson, a white supremacist and a convicted murderer. The other one was Christopher Scarver, an African American prisoner who was a diagnosed schizophrenic. Jesse Anderson killed both Dahmer and
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