Damien Echols Argumentative Essay

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Damien Echols Argumentative Essay Being punished for a crime you didn’t commit, but constantly getting finger-pointed by others because of what they read on the news is wrong! When someone goes through such a hard time their only thing they want to do is go back to normal life as it was before. For those always being judgemental and just only seeing it as “Oh you went to jail, or you stole this, you said that.” One simple action is just going to define a person? Their is a boy named Damien Echols that was wrongfully accused of murdering 3 little boys with by looking at only how he looked and acted. Damien deserves to live where he wants with his wife and others should accept the fact he is moving into the neighborhood not as a killer but a regular person. When you meet someone what do you really look for in them? Looks? Personality? Background? But do you know all the facts? Their is a boy…show more content…
Damien Echolls didn’t dress the same as everyone else, he wore black and had long black hair with some tattoos up his arms. He liked different music like the rock and heavy metal type of music. He would walk the streets of New York and no one would bat an eye at him but in Salem no one dared to ignore. They stared and watched with disgust as they label him “Murderer Walks Free.” And I 'm pretty sure no one really keeps up on a news story so no one must have seen the little thought bubble that Damien Echolls was not the killer of the 3 little boys, but those who wanted to get to know him came up for tea and talked to him about his experience. No one should ever have to be the same as everyone else. Not everyone can look, feel, see the same things, it 's impossible. I pray someday that people start to read a little more into a story instead of just slapping on a
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