Argumentative Essay On Dance And Religion

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Whether it is politics or religion there are many issues that divide people into separate camps of beliefs with each side believing that they are in the right and the other group(s) are in the wrong and, even though it doesn’t affect the majority of the Earth’s population, dance has been one of these topics. Many people believed that dance is solely an art form meant for self-expression and the expression of social issues others have viewed it as sport that is good for your health due to the amount of physical exertion it requires. Within the past couple of decades, these ideas have begun to merge into a more solid truth of what dance really is, an athletic art form or as Albert Einstein famously said, “Dancers are the athletes of God”. The journey to this understanding of dance began many…show more content…
However, his voice, and thus his acting career, were ruined by poor teaching. While this was tragic for Delsarte, it was a lucky break for anyone studying modern dance or dance science today because once his acting career was taken from him, Delsarte “devoted the rest of his life to discovering what laws could be said to underlie human expression – especially in gesture and mime and to finding ways of freeing the natural voice and movement” (Hodgson 2001). He developed a belief that most things, including art and science, had a tripod like base of fundamentals. From this base, Delsarte separated the human body into three segments, the head, the torso, and the extremities and he felt that these were integral to physical expression (Hodgson 2001). Delsarte’s theory for fundamental expression was to have a strong and solid torso so as to have liberty to move the limbs freely (Hodgson 2001). From this idea, Delsarte created a system of nine progressions of gesture and posture that were intended to “educate each part of the body to express emotions and ideas intelligibly” (Hodgson
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