Argumentative Essay On Day Care Center

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I Left My Child with a Stranger
“The term child care is used to refer to any form of care for children that is not provided by parents,” (Droege 125). Throughout the years, women have progressively become a part of the workforce. Therefore, their infants and toddlers cannot be left alone at home. It is the parents’ choice to decide where they place their children while at work. They can take them to a close relative, hire a nanny, or place them in a child care center. Depending on where a person lives and how much trust he or she has in others will most likely determine the choice he or she makes. There are countless benefits to having your child attend a high-quality child care center. Some parents have a firm belief that sending their child to a daycare center is one of the worst choices possible. There are quite a few statistics to
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It is important to know daycare is not only a place for your child to stay, but also a great learning opportunity at a young age. Roughly, about twelve million children from preschool and lower attend daycare (The Trouble With Day Care). Choosing who you place your child with when you return back to work is a big decision. For some parents, it is an easy choice to go with a relative, but is that really the best choice for your child? Considering the fact, a child can receive multiple benefits from a daycare is really reassuring that your child is not only in safe hands, but will develop much quicker in a more advanced way. To the parents who believe all daycares are bad and unhealthy for your child should look into the differences between low-quality and high-quality daycares. Many statistics prove children will benefit from daycares that thrive for success come the future. If you are not financially stable enough to send you child to a high-quality daycare, there are solutions to help those families with parents who are both in the workforce.
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