Decriminalization Of Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution is considered to be one of the oldest professions. Prostitution is an illegal business in many countries of the world and it is considered to be largely immoral. However, its scope is expanding simultaneously with the globalization of business and culture, which is the hallmark of our time. Researchers and activists continue to discuss whether it is possible to consider the purchase and sale of sexual services as an industry. Is it necessary to regulate the activities of prostitutes in a legal way, or should they be provided with legislative and medical protection? Can the government tax this kind of trade and profiteer on this profitable business? Or is it necessary to apply all kinds of legal, social and cultural prohibitions and measures against prostitution in order to eliminate it?
One of the strongest arguments of legalization of prostitution is decreasing crimes and violence in sex industry. It’s not a secret that prostitution is a dangerous profession, and brothels-keepers very often allow their clients to scoff at prostitutes, to beat and humiliate them for a special fee. According to Prostitution Research: 70-95 percent of prostitutes experience physical assault during work; 60-75 percent of prostitutes are raped while working as a prostitute; and 95 percent of prostitutes …show more content…

The opponents of the legalization of prostitution claim that decriminalization of prostitution destroys the moral foundations of our society. The equalization of prostitution to the usual professions such as a teacher or a doctor brings up the notion of immorality and permissiveness in the growing generation. Also, children and adolescents do not correctly perceive the concept of sex and intimacy between a man and a woman. Sex is perceived as a business, and not as something spiritual between two loving people. Many young girls will think that there is nothing terrible in prostitution and this is allowed to

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