Technology Interdependency

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Technology is best known for its vital impact on people. We all know how beneficial it is. It serves as an answer to all our daily activities and necessities. It also makes our lives easier and productive which lessen the number of tasks we 're doing. However, although it helps people in many ways, there are still unhelpful things that technology brings us. People abuse the good effect that technology gives us to the point that they are using technology for their own sake and benefit. In fact, most of the students don 't think too much. They depend on computers and not on books which they end up storing nothing in their minds. In just one click, they can easily and quickly see the answers for their assignments. Too much dependency of students…show more content…
In everything we do, there will always be technology in it. But if not used appropriately, the good effects that technology has and brings us will be thrown and be break into pieces. Who needs the world full of new inventions that make people extremely dependent on technology? Our vision has been blurred that we need to realize, once more, that technology was meant to be invented for us to save our time and do our tasks easier, faster, productive, and effective. The technology was not invented for people to be lazy and show lacks in hardworking. God made intelligent people create technology for He wants us to have a better life and not to be worse in the future. Who else will help you start a change? Who else will tell you that you are being over-dependent in technology? And who else will push you to change this way? No one else will do these things for you because you know that only yourself can answer the given questions and only you can help yourself make a change. So, while it is not yet too late, let us do our best to make a difference in our community, in our society, in our self. By how? By reducing the used and over-attachment to our mobile devices, doing simple things without depending on different sites like google, lastly, being conscious and aware of what 's going on in social media websites to avoid influential rumors. Through these, we can
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