Essay On Designer Baby

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Today, we live in 21st century where everything is modern and modernization is linked up with scientific discoveries and invention. With the modernization, we had done many discoveries in different fields and now we also had made many discoveries about human body. These discoveries in human body also give us ability to modify the genes and change it as we want it to be.
These discoveries made for the betterment of humanity but sometimes people have mixed point of view and some are against the discovery and some are with it. There is one same discovery is designer babies. A designer baby is not an imagination in today world. Every parent wants their child to be intelligent, height, curiosity, honesty and they want all the good traits in their child. Parent wants their child to be best in life. So through designer baby it is possible to hand picking the genes of baby and that what characteristics baby have? This is the most modern technology of designer baby from which u can
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Like some commentators say that the increasing power prenatal intervention as a threat to the sacredness of human life. The things worry them are that parents will want superior children instead of healthier children and parent chose those traits which children consider undesirable. There is also a possibility that social pressure may force parent to choose a trait, which they don’t want in their baby especially woman. The desirability of traits and genes differ from one culture to other culture. One culture accepts that traits and the other culture neglected it, which is a biggest flaw. It makes that baby limited, baby can do thing which are come under it traits and the baby only have one purpose or goal which is given to baby. It limited the freedom right of the child, to do anything the baby want to do. If that baby can’t achieve that goal, it makes the baby more
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