Argumentative Essay On Disabled Prisoners

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The disabled prisoner is considered the least taken cared for because no “special” rights were issued to them. Think about it a prisoner with no legs or no arms and they need assistance but the correction officer opens the cell doors he does not care at all. So around forty years ago president jimmy carter signed a document that stated “The Rehabilitation Act was created to apply to federal executive agencies “so in sort term that meant that disabled prisoners will receive care for all of those years with the disability. And now some but not “all” prisons give the prisoners assistance or give them prosthetics every day inmates who have this tragic disability are routinely denied their aid on a daily basis. Which makes that a nightmarish survival…show more content…
Let’s look at another example Tony Goodman v. Georgia Plaintiff Tony Goodman who is a wheelchair paraplegic who got sentenced twenty three hours a day in a cell. And he was forced to turn in his wheelchair and the small confined space was difficult but not impossible the prison had also failed to provide him with associable restroom facilities and even proper medical care and did not even to make an attempt to include him in the facility’s prison program so in the year of nineteen nighty nine he claimed of discrimination under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act that forced the American prison system to give the disabled their rights “who is 62 and legally blind, has served seven of his 15 years for burglary at Estelle — one of Texas’ biggest prisons, with a population of more than 3,000” and this prison holds the oldest, sickest prisoners in
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