Argumentative Essay On Disposable E-Cigarettes

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Once again we have technology helping us come to grips with some of the big problems imputed to smoking real cigarettes. Gone are the days when people used to struggle with quitting smoking. Nowadays, instead of quitting, we have smokers simply switching to vaping. Primarily, vaping emulates the experience smokers get from puffing real cigarettes. It in fact looks a lot like smoking a hooker pipe. For starters, you have to consider purchasing the disposable e-cigarette—an individual e-cig goes for about $10. Besides coming in two flavors—tobacco and menthol, an individual e-cig should last you 400 puffs or so. Another thing is that disposable e-cigarettes are usually more affordable than their rechargeable counterparts and almost the same…show more content…
For one, when stacked up against their disposable match, re-rechargeable e-cigarettes are more affordable in the long run. And because they arrive with a rechargeable battery, they’re somewhat heavier and bigger than disposable e-cigarettes and real cigarettes. Their starters pack features a pen with a rechargeable internal battery, replaceable coils, charger, and your preferred choice of e-liquid, which arrives in a variety of flavors—from marshmallow to tobacco. Often times you’ll be required to sleeve up $50 to $80 to grab a starters’ pack, depending on the brand, dealer or shop. Even though vaping pens offer an endless array of customization options and choices than the standard disposable e-cigarettes, they require more upkeep. To begin with, their batteries have to be recharged at least once a week, for an hour or two. Then we have their coils burning out after a month or so contingent to how hard you inhale the vapor. The good thing is that they come with a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels. This allows you to test the e-cigarettes in different ways so you can come up with a vaping experience that works best for

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