Argumentative Essay On Divorce

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In 1969, Governor Ronald Reagan made what turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of his political career, as seen in the eyes of many scholars and experts today. He signed the nation’s first no-fault divorce bill, ending what was our current fault-based divorce system. Prior to this bill, couples could only file for divorce on the grounds a fault, such as adultery or cruel or inhuman treatment. Sanford N. Katz, a Professor of Law at Boston College University who received his A.B. from Boston College and his J.B. from the University of Chicago, insisted that under the fault-divorce system, Americans were worse of than they are now. Under the old divorce system, a fault had to be proven. This commonly led to secret collaborations between attorneys, judges, and defendants or one spouse falsely accusing his or her wife or husband of committing a fault. Another point Katz makes in his article is that the fault based divorce system has influenced the assignment of property and children. In one final statement, Katz claims that no-fault divorce has decreased the hostility of spouses towards one another and civilized the divorce process (Katz). Experts and scholars today have all made concise explanations as to why the state of our country has only worsened since the application of no-fault divorce reforms. Under the current divorce system, people’s views have shifted from a confident to negative outlook on divorce and marriage and conditions will continue to worsen

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