Argumentative Essay On Dog Parks

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Dog parks in city limits would be a great idea, in my opinion. For many reasons, I do believe that having dog parks within the city limits would benefit all K9 owners who care about the mental and physical health of their dog(s). I being a dog owner myself, and knowing the behaviors and patterns of my fur babies. The article states that, "According to the ASPCA, dogs that don't get the proper excercise can act out by barking and destroying things at home...", being a victim to this myself I have witnessed my dogs act out in mischevious behavior because of the lack of attention and excercise. I noticed that their behaviors took a turn when I took them out more and let them interact with other dogs. I can not stress enough how important…show more content…
For the fact that I did not have to worry about my dog being bound up with energy. We would get home and my dog would be worn out and content and not cause any disfunction in the house. Bringing me to my next point, in the second article the person says that they would have to worry about "loud barking dogs and yelling owners disturbing the nearby residents.", if you have a good dog, which most people who take their dogs out to a park or public area do... there wouldn't be much of a problem. Because the more you take them out the more obedient they seem to get. In my point of view and personal experience, of course. Not everyone is a dog person, I get that and not everyone wants to help fund a dog park. I do strongly believe that it would benefit everyone though. Say you meet a person who owns a dog who is constantly under stress because of the bad behavior because the dog doesn't get the proper attention it needs. That person is going to take it out on everyone around them, creating negative energy all around. Living in a community that is dog park friendly may be a solution to a more positive happy encounter with others. Not only is your loyal companion happy and very much content but so are
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