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(San Diego, CA) According to the Humane Society, 54.4 million households in America own an estimated 77.8 million dogs. Every one of these pets must be house trained, and dog pee pads are of great help during this training. The problem many pet owners encounter is the pee pads purchased don't do the work as designed.

"Why go to the trouble of buying dog pee pads if they leak or allow urine to spill all over the floor? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of having the piddle pads? Many dog owners purchase these pads only to be disappointed with the quality, and this led California Pet Supply to develop a new superior quality pad, one that comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee," the staff at California Pet Supply explains.

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Pet owners often use the pads during inclement weather or when the temperatures drop very low. A sick or injured pet may also benefit from use of the pad," staff members continue.

Pet owners find numerous other uses for these pee pads. Some lay them out when a female dog is in heat, and they help to protect against nighttime leakage. Pads may be used to line kennels, and they are great for those who live in an apartment or condo.

"The dog pee pads come with free shipping and a 100 percent guarantee. If a customer is not completely satisfied, he or she may exchange the product or return it for a refund. California Pet Supply stands behind its products, so clients know they can count on our pads," the staff declares.

About California Pet Supply:

California Pet Supply remains committed to providing products that keep pets healthy and happy. All products sold through the company are used by pets of staff members, and the company guarantees a quality that keeps tails wagging.


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