Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Cadaver

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Upon everyone’s mind is death, it’s a quite scary topic merely because we don’t know what happens after this. Becoming a cadaver is inevitable along so with death obviously, only what you get along with your cadaver is what underwrites the whole affair. Mary Roach always states that you should become something when you die, do something useful and not just lie down on your back for the rest of your life. “Get involved with science, be an art exhibit. Become part of a tree. Some options… to think about. Death. It doesn’t have to be boring.”, Roach could not stress this more than enough, how she believes it’s better to donate your body, so others can benefit from it. The donating your body argument all depends on every other viewpoint on their…show more content…
Although many people think “oh yeah, you’re helping someone out, so they don’t die”, but really no one really going to think that thoroughly. Therefore, not many people think it through when they get the opportunity to become a donor. One thing that sticks out in my mind is my grandpa and mom. Roughly around ten years ago my grandpa had a kidney transplant, he waited eight years for one. My mom said how she would never donate anything because the way we come into the world is the way we go it. Her dad, my grandpa was diagnosed with Diabetes and was in dire need of a kidney. He went through dialyses, and he got through it, he was just waiting for his kidney match. Just to put it in perspective over one-hundred thousand people are waiting for an organ transplant in the U.S. alone. When my mom saw my grandpa get better and see how he recovered her whole mindset changed on donating your organs because she saw that you can give someone a second chance, that you can help someone’s family and you wouldn’t even know it. This organ donor this person who never realized that they’d make a difference never had a second thought about helping someone he never met he never knew, he kept my grandpa alive, he helped my family write Birthday invitations for him instead of funeral
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