Argumentative Essay On Drinking Alcohol

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Alcohol is a drug, and like any drug it holds the danger of toxicity and dependence. Yet, alcohol holds a unique place in many societies, in that its consumption is not only widely tolerated but even encouraged to a certain extent. Beer, wine, and distilled spirits have their place in religious festivities, sports events, along with the myriad of other daily social activities, both public and private. Alcohol is simultaneously “a food, drug, and a highly elaborated cultural artefact with important symbolic meanings” (Heath 1984). And alcohol, in contrast to most other intoxicants, it is For the purposes of this research, the focus is on beer. Firstly, it is the widest consumed alcohol in the world. In fact, it is one of the most drunk liquids…show more content…
For many adolescent youths, drinking is regarded as an act of rebellion (12). The numbers teenagers engaging in “binge- drinking” (drinking vast quantities of alcohol in a short period of time) is gaining prevalence. “Thus, most societies, even those with very liberal policies toward alcohol consumption, agree that alcohol should not be made readily available to children and adolescents” (12) In many cultures, drinking alcohol has traditionally been held within the sphere of men. In some regions, drinking alcohol is an exclusive privilege (find latin American example). Alcoholic beverages are produced and distributed in 4 ways. First, on an individual level, such as home brewing or the making of traditional fermented beverages. The second stage is commercialization and industrialization of these indigenous beverages, like pulque in Mexico. (find Argentine example). Thirdly, are national industrial production of internationally available beverage. Heineken, is an prime example of this. The beer is still made in the Netherlands but available worldwide. Lastly, is the production of brand name international beverages, which are increasingly marketed and distributed on a global scale. It is this last stage, which is the focus of this research. The global beer industry has gained impressive strides in monopolization since the new

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