Argumentative Essay On Drones

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When we think about drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), first thing comes to our mind is; frightening, alien looking unmanned aircraft that has been involved with so many bombings and targeted killings. In “Drone Home: What Happens When Drones Return to America”, from Time, Lev Grossman wrote drones are dreaded all around the globe, and possibly they have gotten this fear through the United States Military. Drone technology has been greatly improved last decade, now third of entire Air Force’s fleet is unmanned. U.S Government is sending drones to many war zones to eliminate high-ranking enemies or do surveillance successfully. Even though this rapidly growing technology is changing our perspective of war, it also changing our everyday life drastically to help our community. The U.S government should use drones because it will help us protect our borders securely, help fight with unexpected natural disasters and help our police force to document crime scenes.
First, Our southern border has attracted our attention more and more every day.
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This is a police drone that has been helping law enforcement to find criminals or find lost hikers. This technology is so cost efficient that it replaced helicopters.
Ben Miller, Director of Mesa County’s UAV program said, “We can fly 50-60ft off the ground and literally photo-map an entire crime scene.” (Cited, Lev Grossman 2013) It is a great little-advanced tool to document crime scenes more accurately, help to find clues quickly to prosecute criminals. Drones can be used for finding a lost child in the park or hikers in the mountain.
Drone technology is a fast growing industry that can help us many ways to help to find lost people, watch our borders and go places that are too dangerous for us to go. Drones can be used for many nonviolent and harmless purposes. After all, it’s free thinking machine that under human
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