Argumentative Essay On Drug Legalization

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Drug legalization is the right decision for world. Now a day’s drug is the main problem of each and every country. Big palace to slum there is a reign of drug. Now a day’s people get too much stress of their daily life, they can’t get enough time for pleasure. For finding pleasure they choose the path of taking drug and then they lost their own little world; after that they get proper motivation for work. Its help them to knowing thyself. People work for a better life and better meal, but doing too many work with brain and body they become stress and after that they want a relief. If they take weed they will get some moment which is only their own. We should use our nature properly and drug is one of the great creations of nature. For this…show more content…
If the drugs are legal then the tax payer no need to pay $10,000,000,000 to fund drug related law enforcement. The $80,000,000,000 claimed by organized crime and drug ring will go to honest workers. (Ostrowski 1993, pp.203-205). According to these facts it’s proved that for these illegal drugs the government has waste a big amount of annual budget money, but it can be solve by legalizing drugs. So if these drugs are legal then all the countries government will have lots of tax revenue. In third world country like Bangladesh, India, Africa the children are also addicted to drugs and they are the main carrier of drug selling. But before legalizing of drug a minimum age should be mandated for the consumption of drugs. The drug dealer’s main target is the teenager because at this age they don’t have proper realization of their life. After age of twenty they will have the proper maturity to understand the adverse effect of drugs. Once the drugs are legalized then the people will try it easily and day by day their interest in it will fall down. Alcohol is legal and its quality judge by its concentration. But now day’s people prefer to drink wine or nonalcoholic beer instead of vodka so it means the legalization of alcohol reversed the potency of said effect. The legalization of drugs will do exactly same
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