Argumentative Essay On Early Marriage

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In our contemporary society, early marriage is one of the crucial issues that children are forced to deal with such a situation and often occurs without the consent of both sides. Early marriage is regarded as compromising the fundamental rights of children and taking a serious responsibility that children are not psychologically or physically ready. Regardless of the fact that child marriage was prohibited by international law in many countries, 1 in 8 girls in developing countries is married before they turn 15 years old, 1 in 3 girls is married before 18 years old, and in some of the developed countries this number is even higher – approximately 1 in 2(Beyond the Resource Curse, 2016, para. 3). The children who are experienced early marriage their childhood is cut short, and they are isolated from the mainstream society. When describing his short childhood period, Mulenga (2016) reported to the organization UNFPA, “It’s difficult being a mother. I don’t have time to play anymore. I have to stay at home to take care of my daughter and wash nappies. Before I had a baby, I used to play and go wherever I wanted” (para. 4). The following question arises: Why do children are forced to marry under the age of 18? The influence of the religion on early marriage has been playing a significant role over the past many decades. In this case, Islamic countries are dominant than the others around the world. Some families in the Middle East and North Africa take the advantages
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