Argumentative Essay On Education And Education

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Education is a huge issue that not only affects kids and their parents, but their community as well. Schools teach young kids to become the next generation of engineers, technicians, and political leaders, working towards creating a better future for their country and their community. Teachers have the unique job of creating the future leaders of the world, and preparing them for both college and life beyond, by putting a special push towards math and science, the so-called “foundation” of our society. The hard truth is, no one can be anything they want to be. Some people are simply not cut out to be engineers, doctors, or psychologists. Modern day schooling forces students to fit a mold only a select few can fill by creating too much structure and having an overbearing emphasis on math and science, when other, less structured extracurricular activities can promote respect, discipline, and teamwork. Most would agree that, in early stages of life, art is a detrimental and necessary part of any child’s early development and education. In fact, Pre-K through third grade’s education curriculum is usually centered around promoting early creativity and a fondness for learning. Kids learn math by counting colorful pieces of bricks. They learn both science and the basic principles of functionality by playing with train sets and toy cars. Their artistic endeavors even promote cognitive development (i.e., pressing a pencil or crayon harder will darken the color, while holding it

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