Argumentative Essay On Education In Education

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Education Public school is supposed to help students have a place in society knowing how to make decisions for the society (Solley). Currently, children are taught information that is not necessarily applicable to the real-life situations. For example, geometry is not used in everyday life but knowing how to do taxes would be helpful. Students are getting the short end of the stick because teachers are teaching them for the test, not teaching them to learn. This is not only affecting students but can affect society since they are the future. Over the years education has been declining due to teachers getting paid based on student test scores, the pushing of standardized testing, and students being taught information that does not apply in the real world. Teachers who get paid based on these scores are leaving out important information This creates a reason to teach only what is on the test (Ravitch). If teachers are only teaching what is on the test imagine what isn’t being taught in the education system. Students go to school to learn, not only math, science, and English but also what they need to know to be a contributing member of society. “Fails to acknowledge that many factors play a role in student test scores, including student ability, student motivation, family support (or lack thereof), weather, distractions on testing day and so on” (Ravitch). All these tests that students take not only reflect poorly on the students but the teachers as well. There are teachers
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